About Us

Here at BlackSquare Beer, we pride ourselves on having a different selection of craft beers, distinct from any other bottleshop - be it beers from far flung places like Russia, for example, or from small UK breweries that are just starting out. Our main goal is to promote how great craft beer is and open people's eyes to the fantastically wide choice.

A bit about the person behind BlackSquare, its owner and general dogsbody - Nathan. I do everything you'd expect from a one-man company - from marketing and inventory to manning the shop. However, I do have a lot of help from my better half Galina! We started this venture after Lockdown #1 in 2020 so as you can expect it's been a baptism of fire. Nevertheless, along the way we've met some great people in the industry as well as our amazing customers.

Having great passion for craft beer, we wish to continue growing and widening our range of beers offered. We want our shop to become a hot spot for like-minded people who love craft beer and we would be happy to see new faces who are just starting exploring the craft beer scene.

Currently we are in the process of moving and expanding. In the meantime we offer local and nationwide delivery for online purchases. 

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